Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Few More Christmas Packs - 1982 Donruss

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone out there.  Also, for the ones of you who may have a bit of a headache, remember this for today:  NO LOUD NOISES!  Haha.

 The last few cards from Christmas were, again, from my mom.  She gave me a present that I unwrapped and inside was a 1990s Lucky Charms tin.  Yeah, the cereal.  I knew better than to automatically think that Mom had given me stale cereal, so I opened the tin and inside were several packs of baseball cards that she undoubtedly bought way back in the day and then stored either in the attic, or in the basement.  She is always finding treasures buried here and there at the house, so when she found these, the figured that they would make a good present, haha.

I opened the packs, of course hoping that the Cal Ripken rookie would be inside.  Sadly, it wasn't.  Oh well.  I did get a couple of cool cards, though.
 First off, this Eddie Solomon is a prime example of the fun in opening some of these old packs.  I mean, really.  Look at that awesome Pirates hat and blazing yellow pants!  There are some old jerseys that I saw in these packs that were simply amazing.  Haha.  Gotta love the late 70s & early 80s uniforms...

I got a Hall of Famer out of the bunch, Andre Dawson (rocking a pretty bad Expos uniform).  Pretty sweet helmet.
Finally, I pulled this Steve Garvey diamond king where Garvey is gazing longingly into your eyes.  Pleading for you to persuade the BBWAA to finally induct him into the Hall of Fame.  Will it happen?  I doubt it, but you can't fault him for trying.

Actually, it is a pretty nice card.  I have always been a fan of the Diamond Kings.  I liked them even better in 1992 when they looked like actual paintings.  The Cal Ripken from that year was absolutely beautiful.

So, that does it.  Just about wraps her up.  Christmas was really productive for me.  I also got some cash from one of my grandmothers, so I used it to get a Hall of Fame signed baseball.  Who did I get?  You'll have to wait and see!


Fuji said...

Diamond Kings from the 80's are awesome... and Mr. Garvey, if you're reading this... If I were on the BBWAA panel, you'd have my vote. Happy New Years!

Anonymous said...

diggin the new layout, duder.