Wednesday, January 4, 2012

More Mail - 1970 Topps Johnny Bench

Among my mail from yesterday that included the short printed and hard to find 1948 Leaf Virgil Trucks and the letter from Mr. Trucks himself was another envelope.  Inside that envelope was a card I had purchased off of Ebay so I can make it look like I hadn't forgotten about the set building aspect of my collection.

I finally knocked off card number 660 (Johnny Bench) from my needs list for 1970 Topps.  Having knocked out the Bench, the biggest name I need for the set if Al Kaline.  I could have sworn that I had the Kaline already, but no, I don't.  That set is slowly but surely winding down.  The high numbers are really a pain.  I'm really satisfied, though.  I think I have been working on the set for 4 years now.  Maybe even 5.

Oh, also, you can now follow me on the Twitter.  @foulbuntWilliam is my screen name.  We'll see how I do with it, but I do plan on using it to plug this blog.