Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trade With Dodgerbobble - Adam Jones Bobblehead

I completed a trade with Josh from Dodgerbobble when I sent him my extra Bruce Sutter signed baseball in exchange for a couple cards and two bobbleheads.

The first bobblehead is this Adam Jones.  He is blowing a bubble with his gum while catching a ball.  That is kind of Jones' trademark.  He won a Gold Glove in 2009 (which, I think, is the year this bobblehead was issued).

I really hope that the Orioles lock Jones up long-term, because, if not, he definitely will be gone once he hits free agency.


Drew said...

Nice pickup! Jones is a pretty solid player in my opinion, I think he should be good for a while

Dodgerbobble said...

Thanks for the trade! I'll have a post up later.