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Sunday, January 2, 2022

A Couple Signed Cards From Past Trades

As I continue to clean out my box of cards I meant to scan and blog, I have realized how far behind I was.  Thankfully, I have had an opportunity to catch up and get some stuff moved into my album.  Not too terribly long ago, I was messaged by someone who needed a signed 1986 Topps card; I believe it was an extra Darrell Evans that I got from the National.  In return he offered me this 1985 Donruss signed by Bruce Benedict.  I don't have many signed 85 Donruss at all, so this was a nice card to take off of his hands.
Ok, so this one, embarrassingly, came from a trade I made in 2019.  I met a guy in line at the April Orioles game we went to, who heard Chris and I talking about taking a trip to Nashville.  He desperately needed a 2002 Topps Eric Gagne signed, and I ended up being able to help him out.  In return, he sent me this 2011 Topps Update signed by Chris Perez.  I had sent to Perez TTM a while ago, but never got anything back, so that's why I took this card.

I'm glad I am getting through this stack.  I've found a few cards that I have forgotten about, and am glad to finally get them off of my desk and into my album.

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