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Sunday, January 2, 2022

Christmas Gift From Gerard - Some Awesome Cody Freeman Cards

Cody Freeman, much like Nolan Reimold, is going to be one of those players who, if I see a card, whether I have it or not, I'm going to pick it up.  My good friend, Gerard, added 6 cards to my small Cody Freeman PC with this awesome Christmas gift.
Cody doesn't have many cards out just yet, but the stuff that is out there looks really awesome.  He was in 2019 Leaf products, and there are quite a few autographs in there.  These cards look awesome, and I am really happy that Gerard hooked me up with them.
This printing plate came in separately.  Cody has a great signature, and one of the cards that I picked up for myself actually has a very early version before he perfected it to what it is on this card.  He even pointed it out to me when I showed him what I had picked up.

Cody is a great guy, and messages me here and there.  He was excited to see that one of my friends was looking out for me with his cards, which was really cool.

Thanks for the Christmas gift, Gerard!