Sunday, April 18, 2021

TTM Success - Choo Freeman

Here are a couple cards that I got out of my boxes with this TTM success from Choo Freeman.  The above card is a 2000 Bowman.  This is a nice-looking set, and I have a bunch of the cards.  I've gotten a few of them signed, and probably will go through that box soon and get more out to send off.
I also got a 2007 Upper Deck signed.  I liked this set when it came out and busted a couple boxes of it.  So, I have a ton of these, still, and have sent a couple of them off, as well.

Freeman (b. 1979) played in the majors from 2004 to 2006 for the Rockies.  He had 64 hits, 3 home runs and a .225 batting average.

I mailed to Freeman on December 15 and got the cards back on January 16, for a 32-day TAT.

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