Tuesday, May 12, 2020

TTM Success - Lewis Thorpe

I had another Spring Training TTM success come back when I got these cards in from Lewis Thorpe.  I really liked the shot on the above 2020 Topps, and it looks really cool when signed.
The above 2014 Topp Heritage Minors card also turned out well.  I didn't get many Heritage Minors cards prior to 2017, since the Wood Ducks weren't here, but that has changed in recent years.  I have enjoyed going through boxes of the older versions at shops and shows and seeing the minor leaguers of those times.

Thorpe (b. 1995) made his Major League debut last season with the Twins.  He went 3-2 with 31 strike outs and a 6.18 ERA.

I mailed to Thorpe on February 8 via Twins Spring Training and got the cards back on March 23, for a 44-day TAT.

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