Friday, May 8, 2020

TTM Success - Sam Perlozzo

I had these cards of former Orioles manager, Sam Perlozzo, in my Orioles box for years.  I finally got them out of the box and out in the mail last month.  Perlozzo signed everything I sent, and the cards turned out pretty well.
I got Perlozzo to sign a 2006 Upper Deck, 1979 Topps, 2006 Topps and 2007 Topps.  I had the 1979 Topps since I picked up my partial set back in '06, and saved the extra Perlozzo that I found in the box.  It has floated around my Orioles boxes for a long time, and now it will reside in my autograph album.
Perlozzo (b. 1951) played in the majors in 1977 and 1979 for the Twins and Padres.  He had 7 hits, no home runs and a .269 batting average (he only got into 12 games).

He managed the Orioles from 2005 to 2007.  His overall managerial record was 122-164 (.427 win %).  Those were some pretty bad Orioles teams.  Perlozzo even lobbied for his longtime best friend, Leo Mazzone, to come on board as the Orioles pitching coach.  The Orioles pitchers were pretty brutal during that time, and Mazzone was ineffective as pitching coach.  I just remember all of the hype, and then poof, Mazzone was gone.  I knew it wasn't going to end well when Mazzone showed up at Spring Training with a new Orioles logo tattoo on his arm.

I mailed to Perlozzo on March 9 and got the cards back on March 20, for an 11-day TAT.

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