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Monday, July 31, 2017

July 25, 2017 Cubs Game

I am back home from my 4th National Card Show, and before I start blogging about everything I picked up there, I wanted to talk about what I was able to do beforehand.  I was able to get up with my dad's best friend from elementary school.  Kevin was kind enough to get some Cubs tickets and let me invite two friends to go to the game with us.  I was able to get my friends, Max and Anthony to come along and catch the game with us.
The game was the Cubs vs the White Sox.  Max is an avid Cubs fan, and Anthony is an avid White Sox fan, what could go wrong?  I was there for the atmosphere of a good baseball game, and Kevin was there because the seats were amazing.
We were able to see White Sox rookie phenom, Yoan Moncada play.  Moncada ended up going 0-2 with a walk.
It was great finally meeting Anthony in person; he and I have traded in Instagram for years, and have become really close.  He's a great guy, and I was so happy that I could help him have this experience at Wrigley.  Max, well, he and I have been friends for a long time, and this was my second opportunity to hang with him in person.  In all, these two guys are great, and I am happy that I can call them my friends.
Back to the game, we got to see Kris Bryant get ejected for arguing balls and strikes.  John Lackey hit 4 White Sox batters, and when Chris Beck hit a Cubs batter, we thought for sure the benches would empty.  We didn't get any fireworks, but it was interesting.
Our seats were 10 rows behind home plate, and we did see one celebrity sitting in our section - Frank Thomas.  Anthony tried to get his autograph late in the game as Thomas was leaving, but was denied.  Max and I had gone to the top of the stadium to see if we could get Rick Sutcliffe, but we missed out on him as well.
As you can see, our seats were awesome, thanks to Kevin.  I'm glad he came along with us, as he seemed to have a great time.  He really took a liking to Anthony, since they sat beside each other and talked quite a bit.
The Cubs won the game 7-2, so I got to see the W fly.  The weather was beautiful, and we had an amazing time.
I had to get a photo with Kevin after the game.  I really appreciated that he went out of his way, not only for the tickets, but to make sure I was set for the National, and comfortable in Chicago.  He's a great guy, and I hope he had as good of a time as Max, Anthony and I did.
Poor Anthony had to leave early to catch the bus, so we weren't able to get a picture together after the game.  I was able to get one with Max, though.  I wish we could have gotten one with the four of us, but we didn't get the chance.
Max and I did a little graphing after the game.  He had a page of 4 Ben Zobrist cards (that I gave him), and I was able to get them done for him.  He let me pick the ones I wanted to keep, so I chose this 2016 Heritage purple chrome, and the below 2017 Topps.
Again. I had an amazing time and made some great memories with my friends.  Kevin came through in the clutch, and I am glad he also enjoyed himself.  The four of us really enjoyed ourselves, I think.

Thank you so much for your hospitality, Kevin!  Also thanks to Max and Anthony for being able to catch the game with us!

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