Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Birthday Gift From Max - Delivering Some Awesome Orioles

I received an amazing birthday gift from my very good friend, Max, recently that included some really awesome stuff.  He had already shown me the above Eddie Murray - Chris Davis jumbo relic booklet card since he knew it wouldn't arrive in time for my actual birthday.  Still, the card is amazing, and I am really happy to get it in the collection.

The booklet card is numbered 4/5 and had actually been something I had been watching on Ebay for a while.  When the card fell off of Ebay, I figured I missed out, but luckily, my good buddy had picked it up.

This card came from 2015 Museum Collection and will look great among the rest of my Davis booklets.
Max also sent along some cards that he had gotten autographed recently, as well.  I sent him every Bill Ripken base card that I had since Max informed me that he had a chance of meeting him at Wrigley Field.  Max got a few cards signed for himself and sent these, along with his unused card, back to me.

I am really excited about adding these to my IP/TTM binder.  Max has been a huge contributor to this binder, and he has been the biggest inspiration for me to add to it.
Finally, Max had pulled this 2016 Bowman purple Sonny Gray and offered it to me in trade.  I send him tons of Cubs stuff, so I know I will have something that will match up with it very quickly.  This card is numbered 49/250.

I first traded with Max a couple years ago via Instagram and really hit it off with him.  An easy-going personality, a great sense of humor and a selflessness beyond his years has completely endeared him to me.  He went out of his way last year to invite us into his home and host us for the 2015 National.  He is a constant force in helping guide my collection these days.  He makes time to skype with me and go through 5,000-count boxes and pull the best base cards for graphing.  I don't believe I would have jumped headfirst into getting random base cards signed.  This has led to my new appreciation for 80s-era junk wax cards.  It has been a lot of fun seeing some of those cards come back with signatures.  Max has been an awesome friend, and I can't thank him enough for all of the help that he has given me over the years.  His letter that was included with the package assured me that he felt the same way on his end.

Thank you so much for the package, Max.  I appreciate it beyond words.

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