Monday, September 12, 2016

1994 Topps From PA and Mark M.

I got two care packages in recently that almost wiped out what I needed from my 1994 Topps set needs.  My friend, P. A., and blog reader Mark M., both attacked my needs list at the same time and sent me care packages.  I really appreciated both Mark and P. A. thinking of me.  I plan on hitting up Sportlots soon to wipe out what is left on the needs list, and also finish up some other outlying sets.

I also have a box of 1995 Topps that needs to be sorted so I can finally get to work on that set.  That project is going to happen very soon, I promise.  I really want to get these 90s sets done so I can fully focus on finishing 1969, and making a dent in 1967.

Thanks Mark and P. A. for taking a look at the needs lists and going out of your way to help me out.  It definitely doesn't go unnoticed, even though it might take me a while to get around to posting.

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