Saturday, September 24, 2016

1969 Topps Pickups From Sportlots

I knocked 8 more 1969 Topps cards off of my wishlist during my recent buying spree on Sportlots.  I have slowed down on this set, only because I have been busy working on other things in my collection.  I want to finish this set up sometime soon, but haven't been too motivated.  I only grabbed a couple 1969s while at the National.  Once I get these eight cards posted, my wishlist will be up to date.  This is the biggest reason why I went ahead and posted them today.

Tommy John was the biggest name in the group of cards that I got.  The rest were just random guys that I needed.

I'm hoping to get back to some National posts soon.  I still have so much from there that I have yet to show.  I hope it hasn't been too much!

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