Monday, August 1, 2016

Set Needs Care Package From Mark

I got a care package in the mail the other day from blog reader, Mark M. who had a few 1969 Topps and 2015 Stadium Club for my sets.  Mark had commented on one of my Stadium Club posts recently, and was able to help me knock a few cards out of each want list.

Mark sent along 10 1969 Topps that I needed.  The cards were in decent enough shape for me to be able to cross them off of the list, just in time for the National.  I doubt I will pursue completing this set while at the show.  Completing the 1959 set last year was an expensive endeavor.  I may grab a few, though, enough to make a dent, I think.
Mark sent me three 2015 Stadium Club cards to cross off.  I do intend to finish this at the show.  I really want to put it behind me and move on to a more recent set.  I am excited to complete this one, since it is in an album.  I already enjoy flipping through it and looking at all of the photography.

Thank you so much for the cards, Mark!

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