Monday, August 15, 2016

National Pickup - 1981 TCMA Cal Ripken

This card could have made it onto my Top Ten Wishlist for next year, had I not found it at the National.  This is a 1981 TCMA Cal Ripken minor league card.  I had looked at a few on Ebay a few weeks prior to the show and realized that they could be had for decent prices.  I found one vendor at the show who had one, and picked this up for what I had seen them selling for.

This is a pretty tough Cal to find, and I am glad I was able to add it to the Cal PC.  I often complain about how hard it is to find Cal cards that I don't yet have, and this one was a prime example of one I really needed.  There is also the 1980 WBTV Charlotte Orioles minor league card, but I will never own that one.  I saw one graded at a 7 at the show, and the vendor wanted $10,000 for it.  No thanks!

Maybe I will be able to find a generous benefactor who has the Charlotte O's Cal card, but I highly doubt it.

Anyway, I am really glad I was able to knock off two big Ripken cards while I was at the National.  Maybe if I think hard enough, I will be able to come up with some other Cals that can populate my Top Ten Wishlist for next year!

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