Saturday, August 20, 2016

National Pickup - 2001 Topps Chrome Ichiro RC

While I was looking for the 2001 Topps Chrome Albert Pujols rookie, I stumbled upon a card I needed, but hadn't really thought about picking up.  One of the vendors who I had asked about the Pujols had this Ichiro RC for $20, and I grabbed it up.

I already had his base RC, but not the chrome.  That put this card low on my priority list, but I figured at that price, and with Ichiro about to break the 3,000 hit barrier, I went ahead and picked it up.

I'm glad I did.  Ichiro has now passed 3,000 hits and should be a first ballot Hall of Famer.  I now have his 2001 Topps and 2001 Topps Chrome, which it nice. I need to think long and hard about the next rookie cards that I want, because I have so many now, it is hard to think of what I need.

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