Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Birthday Gift From Rob

I got a package in the other day from a guy I have been talking to quite a bit lately over email and Instagram.  Rob is really into vintage, as am I, and he recently upgraded some 1959s in his set and sent the remainders over to me as a nice birthday present.

I'm able to knock off three cards from the 300s in these.

Is it just me, or did this Dick Brodowski card not scan phenomenally?  It just looks so sharp!
The Mueller (above) and McDevitt (below) cards are also sharp.  I don't know what Rob upgraded them with, but those must have been amazing cards if it sent these three packing.
This was a really nice gesture by Rob to send me something for my birthday, when we just met, really.  I kind of repaid the favor, somewhat, when I bought a card off of him as well, which I will show once I have exhausted my birthday haul (which has grown to quite a pile).

Thanks Rob!

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