Monday, September 1, 2014

A Surprise Package From Michael S.

One of the people I talk to daily from Instagram is a guy from Texas named Michael.  We have traded in the past, and from that, we have openly discussed cards, baseball, a little football, and life.  He's a really good guy who is an assistant coach on a high school football team near where he lives.  I have helped him with some Astros PC stuff for him and he recently surprised me with the above dual auto for my Nolan Reimold PC.

I have seen this card, a 2008 Bowman Sterling dual auto card of Nolan and Josh Reddick, several times on EBay.  The card is really awesome and I always wanted to add it, but never pulled the trigger.

Thankfully, Michael hooked me up and it is now in my Reimold PC.  Thanks so much for the card, Michael, as well as the extra cards and the old Beckett.  Michael is a great guy and I'm glad we are trading together.

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