Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Instagram Trade With Lonestargraphs

I completed a trade on Instagram a couple weeks ago with a kid who's screen name is Lonestargraphs when I sent him two 2014 Topps Chrome Autos in exchange for two Zach Britton cards.  In the trade, I sent away a blue parallel Michael Choice auto (sorry, Max) and a Nick Martinez auto.

The above 2011 Topps Finest Dual Relic/Auto of Britton is especially awesome and is numbered 57/69.  Britton has really come into his own this year as the Orioles' closer and I am glad I was able to get this before values start to jump up the more he is exposed during the O's run.
Not to sell this 2011 Bowman Sterling relic card short, by any means, when I gush over the Finest card.  This one is really nice in it's own right.  I forget how awesome past offerings of Topps Finest and Bowman Sterling have been and I definitely forget about them when I do my usual Ebay searches.  I need to try to find some more of these, for sure.

Thanks for the great deal, Lonestargraphs.  It would be better if I knew your name, but oh well.  Sometimes a degree of anonymity is a good thing.  I know we will trade again, though.

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