Thursday, September 18, 2014

Birthday Gift From Mom and a Trip Home

I went to my parents' house last weekend for my birthday and was surprised when my mom gave me a card as a present.  I had already thought that the tickets she got us for the Carolina Panthers vs. Detroit Lions game was my birthday present, but Mom couldn't resist going to the local card shop in Clemmons, NC (Lucky Dog Collectibles) and picking up some cards.  She found the above 2010 Topps National Chicle Adam Jones artist's proof card and thought I would like it.  I do, and it is really cool that the card is signed by the artist who painted the portrait on the card, Jeff Zachowski.  The card is numbered 5/10 as well.  I always liked the National Chicle cards.  I'm sure Topps will bring them back sometime soon.  I also like that this was an Adam Jones card.  I realized the other day as he was doing the victory lap around Camden Yards that I don't have enough Adam Jones cards in my collection.  He is the leader on this team and I am happy that he has a long-term commitment to Baltimore.  Thanks for the card, Mom!
While I was in town, I wanted to get a few cards for myself, so I went to Lucky Dog on Saturday and checked out their vintage wares.  While I was there, I met up with old friend of the blog, the wonderful Babe-O-Licious (or Babe for short).  While we chatted it up with Babe for a while, Chris and I picked through the vintage boxes in the shop.  I got one 1959 Topps card for my set and 16 1969 Topps cards for that set.  I also picked up some cards I knew that I needed for my 1967 set, like the above Pete Rose.
The highlight of the 1969s that I got was another Pete Rose (it must have been Pete Rose Day in my brain).  Both of the Rose cards are in great shape, and the owner of the shop gave me a great deal on them.  I also picked up a sweet Ron Santo rookie card for a future trade with my buddy Max S., the Cubs fan.
I saw this 1972 Topps Traded Frank Robinson and had to pick it up.  I don't believe that I have seen a Frank as a Dodger card.  He definitely looks odd wearing the white and blue.  The card is beat up, but the owner only charged me a couple bucks for it.  I wasn't about to complain.
Finally, I picked up another 1967 Topps card, this one being Mike Cuellar, prior to his Orioles years.  Cuellar is such an underrated pitcher and it was a shame he lost his battle to cancer a few years ago,

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