Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Look At Some Recent Ebay Purchases

Usually, when I pick up single cards off of Ebay or COMC, they usually warrant single blog posts, but in an effort to catch up on my backlog of cards on my desk, I have lumped some recent Ebay purchases into one post.

A couple weeks ago, I filled up my little Ebay cart with a few cards that I knew I needed.  I saw a couple vintage cards for good prices, and also tried to knock out a few pieces to my Chris Davis 2014 Topps Chrome rainbow.

I got the above Ernie Banks from 1967 Topps at a really good price, $16.99.  Not bad, the card is in great shape.  I figured that I shouldn't let the card pass me by, especially since I knew that I needed it.
I picked up one other 1967, this Willie Stargell for $5.10.  Again, not a bad price at all.  You may be able to tell that the bottom right corner is dinged up, but I don't feel that it takes anything away from the card.
I added a few other cards to my cart that would fall into my Chris Davis PC, like the above 2014 Topps Turkey Red card.  I have yet to open a box of the online exclusive Turkey Red cards, but the two that I have (this and a Kevin Gausman auto) both look nice.
The original reason I was on EBay to begin with was because I wanted to grab a few 2014 Chrome cards of Davis.  This Topps Shelf insert is a really sharp card.  I like the colors on it.
Finally, I grabbed a few parallels of Davis, like the orange, blue and x-fractor.  The blue is the only numbered one out of this group, numbered 2/199.  I had also bought the purple and die cut in this lot, but my buddy Anders sent me those as well, so I have extras now.

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