Friday, October 18, 2013

Going For The Gold on Ebay

Here is yet another post about some Ebay pickups for my PCs, this time I added two different gold versions of Nolan Reimold's 2013 Topps.  One, above, was the normal gold version.  The card was numbered 1779/2013.  I also picked up the gold mini Topps, which was numbered 18/62.  That's a huge difference in print runs.

How can you go wrong with Topps gold?  I now have Nolan's 2013 Topps cards as follows: Base, Gold, Emerald, Camo, Blue Sparkle, Silver Slate, Printing Plate, Mini, Mini Gold, Mini Pink.

That's quite a few parallels and to think that there are even more out there that I need, well, that just gives me a headache.

Anyway, I hope you guys are enjoying my PC additions because I have a ton more I need to post! 

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