Sunday, October 27, 2013

Ebay Pickup - 2013 Topps Update Blue Sapphire Chris Davis

Ok, so, just to start off...  This card scanned AMAZINGLY!  Oh man, look at all the colors that my scanner picked up.  This is a 2013 Topps Update blue sapphire parallel of Davis.  These are numbered to 25, and this one was numbered 5/25.  Davis has 2 base cards in this year's offering of Update, so that will give me an even bigger rainbow challenge.  I'm up to the task, though.  I actually busted a box of Update, but the blue sapphire I pulled was an AL pitching leaders card.  I would have much rather pulled a Davis or Machado.  Oh well.

These blue sapphire parallels are not to be confused with the blue sparkle parallels that were wrapper redemptions in Series 1 and HTA packs at hobby shops in Series 2.  Those are more sparkly and these, as you can see above are more like the golden parallels from last year, except they are blue.  I like the look, to be honest.  I'm also a fan of the numerous parallels.  It gives me something to search for on Ebay when I get bored.

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