Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ebay Pickup - 2008 Topps Chrome Brian Roberts Blue Refractor

I guess I was asleep on the job, but I really don't remember much about 2008 Topps Chrome.  I mean, I knew it existed, yet, I don't believe I opened much of it at all.  Of course, it was 5 years ago.  I have a ton of Brian Roberts' refractor parallels from 2007 Topps Chrome, but I don't have much at all in the way of 2008 for some reason.  Kind of weird, right?

Anyway, I picked up this beauty, a 2008 Topps Chrome blue refractor of Roberts off of ebay for around $2.00.  Funny thing is, these blue refractors aren't numbered like they are today.  The card looks great, though, so I'm really happy with it.

I got several trades in the mail today, so I won't be hurting for blog posts for the indefinite future, which is good.  I had a few folks contact me for trades over the last few months that I need to reconnect with and get some packages moving.  Work has been really bust lately, but I'm not complaining.  I am very happy being busy.  Job security, or something like that.

Anyway, keep on checking out the blog and also my COMC page.  Additionally, remember that Andrew is having a group break over at his blog, so check that out.  Especially if you have never done a group break before.  Now is a good time to head over there.  Need a link?  Check the top of this page, just below my header and you'll see the announcement!

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