Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yet Another Oriole has Passed Away

They say it comes in threes.  Well, today, I found out that 'Bullet' Bob Turley passed away today at the age of 82.  First, Mr. Trucks, then Gus Triandos and now Bob Turley.  Jeez.

Turley played for both the Browns and Orioles, and also the Yankees, Angels and Red Sox.  His best season was in 1958 with he won the Cy Young Award and finished second in the MVP voting.  He went 21-7 that season and 2-1 during the 1958 World Series against the Braves, winning the championship with the Yankees.

Turley was a great TTM signer, as seen by the signed baseball I got from him shown above.  It's really sad to see these guys passing away.  I guess it's up to us to keep their memories alive by continuing to tell their stories.

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