Friday, March 22, 2013

In Person Trade With Brian

I completed a rare in person trade the other night when I met up with fellow blogger, Brian (from the blog Base Set Calling), as he was passing through Greenville.  Most of my trades these days have been done over email and consummated with bubble mailers or PWEs.  I miss the days when I would meet up with my good friends Pete and P. A. at the card shop, or when another 'friend' of mine whose name escapes me would come over to trade.  I also have enjoyed the trips to Richmond to see Ryan; Meeting up with Drew in NY or seeing Scott at the card shows...  However, the facetime with fellow bloggers has become less and less these days, so it was really cool when Brian emailed me and proposed that we meet up.  So, we did.
I hooked Brian up with a wrapper redemption Blue Sparkle Heath Bell, some Emerald parallels that I had duplicates of, several 'Cut the the Chase' inserts and some other 2013 inserts that I had.  Brian gave me 20 Emerald parallels that I needed for my set as well as the two Toys R Us Purple parallels that you see above.  I plan on pursuing the 'rainbow' of at least Chris Davis and the Orioles' Playoff win, but I have a good chance, now, of getting Machado and Bundy.  Even though, there is a Bundy Silver Slate parallel on Ebay with like 3 days left that is sitting at almost $60.  Ouch.

Anyway, it was really cool meeting up with Brian, and I definitely feel like we will match up again on some more trades in the future.  I am really looking forward to finding some more folks to talk to in person about cards.

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