Monday, March 25, 2013

The Show Must Go On

Wow, I'm so moved by the amount of responses that yesterday's post received.  It is really nice to see how everyone felt about what a truly remarkable person Virgil Trucks was.  I really appreciated all of the comments.  I took the advice of a few of them and made copies of the audio file from my 2011 interview.  I put one copy in my safe for safekeeping, in case my computer crashes.  I also made a copy to send to Ms. Carolyn Beckwith, Mr. Trucks' daughter who had been updating Mr. Trucks fans over the last few months concerning his condition and ultimately informing us of his passing.  Finally, I (as of this morning) submitted a copy of the interview, complete with a written transcript, to the National Baseball Hall of Fame for their archives.  I thought that this was such a great recommendation and I would like to thank you all.

I read that Mr. Trucks had signed a few autographs while in his hospital bed shortly before he passed.  If so, wow, he really was devoted to his fans.  I don't doubt it, either.

He will be buried Thursday with full military honors in the Alabama National Cemetery.  I plan on visiting his grave site in the future, I'm just not sure when.

Finally, since I know Mr. Trucks wouldn't want me dwelling on his passing for too long, I figured I would transition into a trade I completed (this morning actually, when I sent off the return package) with Brad from over at Brad's Blog.  Brad sent me 10 more Emerald parallels for my set.  In return, I sent him some Phillies parallels that I hope he likes.  thanks for the trade, Brad!

Again, thank you everyone for the outpouring of emotion and thoughts for Mr. Trucks.  I counted (including mine) 4 blog posts about him and I got text messages from a lot of friends who don't have blogs that had heard the news.  Amazing how many lives he touched.  I really wish all baseball players could be as gracious and as class as he was.

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The World Famous Andrew said...

His passing was actually a top ten yahoo trend today, I'm sorry I never took to opportunity to write to him.