Monday, March 18, 2013

2013 Topps Series 1 Wrapper Redemption Results

I finally got my 2013 Topps Series 1 wrapper redemption packs in the mail today (along with a ton of other stuff).  Man, I was really happy with what I got this year.  The blue sparkle parallels look really nice and I was able to get an Orioles RC out of one of the packs, Manny Machado.  I imagine the Dylan Bundy is going to command a whole lot on Ebay or COMC, so I figure the Machado won't be too far behind, value wise.  I'm glad I pulled it.

I had 30 jumbo wrappers that I mailed in, so I received 3 packs.  In the 3 packs, I got one of the Silver Slate parallels, which are serial numbered to 12.
I know some folks will be drooling over this Cliff Lee Silver Slate parallel.  It is numbered 2/10 and will be up for a pretty hefty trade or will be rolled over to COMC at some point.  Or, if one of you awesome bloggers got any Orioles Silver Slates (especially Bundy, Machado, O's Playoff Win or Chris Davis), I would definitely be up for a trade.

Speaking of trading, I do have some of the blue sparkles that I got available for trade:

Ryan Cook - A's
Buster Posey - Giants
Kirk Neuwenhuis - Mets
Kurt Suzuki - Nationals
Dee Gordon - Dodgers
Andruw Jones - Yankees (going to Drew)
Scott Hairston - Mets
Kyle Kendrick - Phillies
Daisuke Matsuzaka - Red Sox
Jason Kipnis - Indians
SF Giants 2012 NLDS Game 5
Felipe Paulino - Royals
Heath Bell - Diamondbacks

So, if you are interested, please email me.  I still can't respond to comments, unless I post a new comment and I'm afraid that if I do it that way, you won't see my response.  So, yeah, email me, please for all trade requests.


P-town Tom said...

That's the first blue sparkle I've seen. They're pretty sharp looking!

Nice pull on the Machado

Unknown said...

That Kipnis has my name on it haha....

Weston DeShon said...

Curses no Cardinals.