Saturday, March 16, 2013

Trade With Night Owl

I completed a trade with Night Owl lately when I sent him some awesome night cards.  He returned the favor with a couple 2013 Topps emerald parallels, some Orioles and the above 1969 Topps Royals Rookies card.  Love the airbrushing on the players' hats.
In all, Greg (Night Owl) sent me 3 emeralds I needed for my set, giving me 81 total.  So, I'm almost a third of the way through.  I haven't bought a single one, with the exception of the 30 (give or take) from my 3 jumbo boxes.  All the rest have been received through trades with fellow bloggers.  Not bad, huh?

Thanks for the trade, Greg, I really appreciate it!


PowerReg said...

Good job Bill!!!!

night owl said...

You bet! Good luck with the '69 set.

Brad's Blog said...

I just got a bunch more emeralds, need any of these?

68, 78 (Dylan Bundy), 100, 128 (buster posey), 160, 213,220, 221,222, 239, 247, 283, 286 (profar) and 302.

Let me know!