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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trade With James

I just recently completed a trade with James from the blog "Chipp n Dale" (A Braves Blog) which he asked for several 1987 Topps so he could complete his set.  I think I was able to match all but 4 cards from his want list.  As you may know, I'm swimming in 1987 Topps cards and am always happy to get rid of some (I have my 5,000 count box for sale, please inquire).  I got several Orioles cards in return, highlighted by the two below:
Why did I not already own this card?  I LOVE the Diamond Kings cards of the early 1990s and for some reason never had this Brady Anderson.  These are just beautiful cards and I think I might try to go after some more of then, maybe even start chasing different Diamond Kings cards.  That might be what I do after I wrap up my Brooks Robinson patch set.  Who knows.  Anyway, this is just an awesome card from the era of Junk Wax.
I seriously believe that I did not previously own this Cal Ripken also.  However, it is extremely difficult to tell if I do or do not have a Cal in my collection (a fact I often lament on this blog).

These Topps All Stars from the late 80s are always nice cards.  The card is more than simple, barely even showing the player's name on the card.  Nice, simple border surrounding a clear, bold picture.  It is just a sharp card.  I really like it.

So, thanks so much for the trade James.  I was really happy to part with some 87s and I hope you are able to complete your set.

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