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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Best TTM Ball Ever

I usually only post once a day.  Mainly because, I get afraid that if I post more than once, the previous post might get passed over, or lost in the shuffle.  So, I really must have had something special come in to knock my Willie Mays post back.  I got this awesome baseball in the mail as a surprise today.
 The ball is 'signed' by my nephew Ian.  Ian is 1-year old, so, he had to have some help from his mom and dad, but in my mind, it is signed by my little buddy.
My brother found the baseball at a shop in Myrtle Beach, SC and immediately thought of me, so he and my sister-in-law conspired to "throw me a curveball" and send me a little surprise.  They used her brother's return address because I would have recognized theirs.  I got the box today, and realized immediately that there was a ball inside.  From whom, I asked?  I had ordered some baseballs recently, but got all of what I ordered yesterday.  Had my wife bought one as a Father's Day gift?  If so, where'd she get the money, because I have the checkbook and debit cards...  Hmm, a mystery.

So, I opened the box and saw that it was from Ian (and Gina and Kenny) and it warmed my heart.  These are the best gifts.  The ones that aren't solicited, but ones where someone sees something and thinks of you.  This ball will be placed with all of my other baseballs of importance, most likely right beside my Brooks Robinson's and Cal Ripken's.  If you know me well enough, it takes a special ball to go next to those guys.

So, thank you so much, Ian, Kenny and Gina.  This really meant a lot to me and I hope to see you guys soon!

1 comment:

Fuji said...

Awesome... those are the best kind of collectibles.