Monday, June 11, 2012

2012 Topps Series 2 - The Hits

I bought 3 jumbo boxes of Series 2 Topps last week when it was first released from my LCS and was not disappointed when it came to busting them.  I got some seriously sweet hits from my 3 boxes, many of which will be up for sale or trade.
I really enjoy these World Series Pins.  This Roberto Alomar is a nice card.  The Blue really stands out.  I like Alomar, but I believe I will put this one up for sale at my next card show, or I will see about getting an Oriole, instead.
I won't have any trouble putting a price on this Madison Bumgarner relic, since he hails from NC.  He has a lot of fans around here.  I like the card, that's for sure, but I think there are several Giants fans who read the blog, so I'm sure someone will be contacting me for it.
This is the only Black Parallel card I pulled, Edwin Encarnacion.  He sure is having a good year, maybe that will parlay this card into a nice trade with a Blue Jays fan...?
I pulled 2 SP cards, both of which were this Jason Heyward.  I like the old school Braves uniform.  One of these is definitely up for trade.
I liked the Retired Rings from Series 1, so the Team Rings concept was fine with me for this series.  I was really happy to pull Willie Mays, so this one will be staying in my collection.
Another one for Giants fans, I pulled this Bengie Molina GU bat relic, numbered 22/99.
I still have yet to get Paul Molitor on a baseball, so this card is the next best thing, for now.  I was glad to pull a HOF auto, even though I was hoping for Mays or Koufax.  This card isn't numbered, and the auto is on a sticker, but I still think it is cool.
Any Rockies fans out there?  This Wilin Rosario auto is definitely for sale/trade.  I don't really follow the Rockies, so this is definitely available.
I like this Killebrew team rings also, but thought I had someone who would want to buy/trade for it, but it was not meant to be.  I'll probably hold onto it for now, unless the right deal came along for it.
I like Torii Hunter as a player, but I think I can get something decent in return for this one.  Numbered 1/99, I felt like I did pretty well in pulling this card.  It is very rare that I pull a card that is number 1 out of whatever print run is stated, or the last card, or the jersey number, etc etc, so I was please with the novelty of having this pull.  That being said, I will definitely be selling this one (or trading).
Now, this card is untouchable!  Numbered 6/10, I was lucky enough to get a case hit out of my boxes.  Jim Palmer Auto/Relic (I think it is a sock??).  This card is going into a magnetic case and will be put with my other Palmer cards.  I was so excited to pull an Oriole as my case hit.  This card definitely made my box break worthwhile.

So, I was really happy with what I pulled and I hope some of the cards can help me recoup some of what I spent on the boxes, or maybe add some nice Orioles to my collection (or help some of my set needs).

I have a ton of inserts I will be willing to trade.  I have gone through them already and taken out the Orioles and some other teams for my regular trade partners (you know who you are).  If anyone needs any to help with set needs, please let me know.

Also, I completed my 2012 set, that will be posted soon.  I hand collated 2 sets, actually, so I will have one available for sale/trade.  I also have 2011 still available if anyone is interested.

I'd be willing to bundle a lot of this stuff together in the right deal (possibly a HOF signed baseball that I need?).  Please email me if any of you need any of this stuff, or if you need any base cards to fill your sets.


The Lost Collector said...

That Palmer is amazing. Congrats!

arpsmith said...

I would love to work out something for the 2 Giants GU and the Willie Mays ring.

arpsmith said...

Oops, reread and saw you are keeping the Mays. Still interested in the Bumgarner and Bengie.

hiflew said...

I'd like to put my name in for the Rosario auto. I'll see what I have for it, but I might be light on O's at the moment.

Roy-Z said...

Robby Alomar pin and the Paul Molitor auto...definitely my kind of box.