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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mail From Virgil Trucks

I was pleased today to get some mail from friend of the blog, Virgil Trucks, in response to the birthday card and donation to his church that I sent to him in April.
 Mr. Trucks Wrote:

Hi William & Chris,
I received your wonderful birthday card and check and I thank you ever so much for both.  So does my church.  My birthday was great with all my children.  Well Chris could be the first Major league catcher.  Why not.  I send my best to you, Chris and all your family.  Sincerely, Virgil Trucks.

P. S. A few cards for Chris & you.

I was really happy to get the letter back from Mr. Trucks.  I also know he really appreciates the fan mail, so I plan to continue to correspond with him.


Nick said...

Great stuff, William!

From what I've read on your blog, Trucks seems like one of the nicest guys to play in the bigs. Anyone who puts aside time for the fans like that is definitely okay in my book.

The Lost Collector said...

Very cool that he sent that along!

Commishbob said...

That's just 101% awesome, William. Credits to the hobby, both you and Virgil Trucks.