Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trade With Nick

I completed a trade with Nick from Baseball Dime Box when my package arrived yesterday.  He sent me some really nice Hall of Famer cards and a few Orioles in exchange for some 2012 Topps inserts he needed for various sets.
 I really like Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts.  Any year of it.  Really.  It might be a set that I miss the most, well that and Masterpieces and Sweet Spot Classic.  This Jim Bottomley card is really sharp.  Bottomley is one of those Hall of Famers that I'm going to have to take a closer look at later on, but in a nutshell, he was the 1928 NL MVP and retired after 16 seasons with 2,313 hits, 219 home runs and a .310 batting average.
 Donruss Threads was another set that always looked good and this Brooks Robinson is a prime example.  It is just a really colorful card.  I wouldn't mind picking up some more of these or maybe busting a box of them at some point.
 2007 Legendary Cuts also looked really good.  This Jim Palmer is a great card.  This is yet another set that I would love to bust a box of.  Maybe a future group break or something like that.
 I put a big Ebay order in the other day for as many of the 2011 variation cards of Nolan Reimold that I could find.  If I had waited one more day, I would have known that Nick had this 2011 Topps Gold Reimold available.  Oh well, now I will have 2 of them.  Once all the cards come in, I'll put up a bog of all the Reimolds that I picked up.  I'm waiting on 3 more to find their way to my mailbox.
 Speaking of collecting a player's inserts, I already have 3 different versions of Brian Matusz's 2012 Topps card.  His base, black and gold parallels.  Not too bad.
Finally, here is a 2003 Topps Gallery Robin Roberts.  Roberts, a former Oriole, might be one of the most underrated pitchers in the Hall of Fame.  His 286 wins are impressive enough, but when you factor in that many former players of his era (Virgil Trucks, for one) regard him as the best pitcher of that time.

Thanks for the awesome cards, Nick.  If any of you haven't had the chance to read Nick's blog, definitely follow him.  He has some of the most well written posts I have seen and I have quickly come to enjoy his blog.


Nick said...

Thanks for the trade and glad you enjoyed the cards!

(Thanks for pimping my blog as well haha.)

Ryan H said...

Nice cards! If you would be willing to get rid of one of those gold Reimolds, I know somebody who might want it....

shelly said...

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Hope to see you soon -:)