Monday, February 20, 2012

Picking Up A Couple More 1970 Topps

I'm ready to wrap up a couple of the sets I have been working on.  I have been working on 1970 Topps for at least 3 years because I remember when I came out and visited the Greenville area in December 2008, I picked up a couple for the set.  Way back then, I picked up the 1970 Topps Reggie Jackson and if you want to feel nostalgic, you can read the post right here.

Anyway, when Chris and I went to the Kinston card shop on Saturday, I found two cards I needed from the 1970 set.  That knocks my want list for 1970 down to 23 cards.  I have 697 cards out of 720 (96.8%).  All of the cards I need are high numbers, which have caused my set pursuit come to a screeching halt.
My goal is to knock 1970 out pretty soon, then turn my attention to slimming down my 1971 needs before I start on 1959 and 1969 Topps.  I have parts and pieces of pretty much every year of Topps cards that I have not yet completed (except for 1952-1954 Topps, which I have very little of), so eventually, I will sort all of those remaining years, purge the duplicates and log all of the needs.  My main focus after 1970 and 1971 will be 1959 and 1969 like I stated above, but while working on those, I also intend to complete the remaining mid-1990s sets that I need.  Those won't take too much work, as I will be able to find commons and boxes of those years pretty cheaply.  I have already started sorting and logging 1997 Topps and found that I pretty much need a full box of Series 2 1997 to bust so I can start picking up the random commons I need to finish that one.


arpsmith said...

Any chance you have extra 70s for trade or sale? I recently bought a lot at a card shop in Phoenix and have been slowly adding some more. I only have about half the set so I have a long way to go.

Congrats on getting so close.

LMK, Adam

Yankeejetsfan said...

Cool pick ups. I'm working on my 1970 Yankees Topps team set myself. Good luck with your set.