Monday, February 6, 2012

Mail From Scott

Wow what a day.  I got home late from work to find a TON of mail.  I got a box from my mom, a bunch of Nolan Reimold cards I got off of Ebay, a Brooks Robinson card from Ebay and a few 1963 Fleer for a friend of mine.  When I logged on to my blog, I found that I had increased my followers by three.  Really good day!

The biggest piece of mail I got was a box from my new friend Scott.  I met Scott at my last card show in Raleigh in December.  I sold him some relics and autos and struck up a conversation.  He has just started his own blog, which you all should follow: Mr. Baseball-Scott.
 Scott recently had the privilege of meeting Orioles Center Fielder Adam Jones and was awesome enough to get a ball signed for me.  I can't believe he was generous enough to get this ball signed for me, and I didn't even have to send him a ball!
 In addition to the ball, Scott also threw in a few cards.  I have liked Jim Thome for a long time, so this Fleer Thome is really awesome.
 Scott sent me this 2009 Topps Chrome Refractor Nolan Reimold for my Reimold PC.  I now have his Blue Chrome auto, his refractor auto and his refractor.  I am adding a bunch of Reimolds lately!
Another card Scott sent is this 2011 Topps Missing Cards 1955 Topps Bob Feller.  I like this card for two reasons, one is that I LOVE 1955 Topps. The other is that I think Bob Feller is one of the greatest pitchers of all time.  I'm more than happy to add this to my Feller PC.

Thanks so much Scott!  It has been a real pleasure introducing you to the blogs and trading with you!

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