Thursday, February 2, 2012

2012 Topps - The Inserts

2012 Topps is loaded with inserts and busting 3 jumbo boxes left me with a ton of trade bait.  I got a couple Orioles, too, so that is always a bonus.
 Ok, the mini 87 Topps are a pleasant surprise.  1987 was one of my favorite sets and was one of the first ones I completed.  I still have a 5,000ct box of 1987 Topps (in order) if anyone is interested in it.  I was happy to get this Adam Jones.
 I was able to add some Ripkens to my PC.  They look similar, but that's ok.  The card design is reminiscent to the stuff that Topps has issued over the last few years, so I guess these fit right inline.

 I was slightly disappointed that Topps didn't use the shot of 'Complacent Reynolds' from last season.  Oh well.  The Golden Parallels look really nice.  Ryan, if you want this Reynolds, let me know.
Here is another new Ripken added to the collection.  I'm pretty much over the dual cards that Topps has put out for the last several years.  Oh well.  They look sharp at least.
 The classic walk-offs look nice.  A lot of empty space.  Probably for sticker autos.

The Golden Moments inserts look nice.  More room for sticker autos.  I like this Kaline who is a very underrated player.
For my Yankee fan friends, here are a couple featuring some classic Yankees.
This Don Mattingly is already spoken for, I'll be sending it to Pete.

All in all, I like the inserts.  I don't feel like the inserts dominate the set like in years past.  I could do without the dual cards.  I also think there is a good bit of wasted space on some of the cards.  Gone are the Topps Town and Topps Attax.  Probably a good thing.  I like the Golden parallels and they would look pretty awesome in some other colors.  What do you all think?

Stay tuned for a post on the base cards!


PAB said...

Those classic walk-offs are nice they would have been epic of they had autos. I like the '87 minis.

Ryan H said...

I'll take the Reynolds! They did use complacent Reynolds, haven't you seen the SSP of him chomping on seeds during the moon landing?

Still peddling your 5000 ct box of 87 Topps, huh? Lesson learned?

Craig said...

Like I just posted on Ryan H's blog, it's too bad Topps 2012 came out after Fanfest. A lot of those cards would look great signed!

FYI, if you're interested in any of the autographed Orioles Postcards that they give out at Fanfest, there's a bunch of pretty obscure names here if you need to add to your collection:

Drew said...

These look pretty solid, to say the least in my opinion! I love the Maris/Granderson card, if thats for trade I'd be happy to take it off your hands. I don't get the Ripken thing either, those are 2 extremely similar inserts from the same insert set.. strange.