Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Another TTM Success From Jermaine Allensworth

Back in 2016, I got Jermaine Allensworth to sign 4 cards TTM for me.  With the ones I had built up in the time since then, I was due to send to him again.  This 1997 Topps Gallery was one of the keys to why wanted to send to him again.  I had an assortment of these that came in one of the 5,000-count boxes that I got from my former LCS.
I also had Allensworth sign a 1997 Topps Chrome, 1997 Pacific and a 1997 Leaf Limited.
Finally here are some landscape oriented cards that I got signed, a 1994 Upper Deck Top Prospects and a 1998 Stadium Club.  All of the cards look great, and I am glad to be able to move them into my album.

I mailed to Allensworth on December 22 and got the cards back on January 11, for a 20-day TAT.

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Jafronius said...

His 1998 Topps card (where he's sliding into Home) is one of those cards burned into my memory.