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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

TTM Success - Josh Geer

I took a couple cards out of my old rookies box that I had and sent them out for signatures.  These cards of Josh Geer turned out fairly well.  I liked the above 2009 O Pee Chee.  I don't know why Upper Deck brought back the O Pee Chee brand in the late 2000s, but they did.  It was a cheap alternative to Topps Total, I suppose.  Still, the design was nice, and the card looks good signed.
This 2009 Bowman also turned out well.

Geer (b. 1983) played in the majors in 2008 and 2009 for the Padres.  He had a record of 3-8 with 70 strike outs and a 5.28 ERA.

I mailed to Geer on May 14 and got the cards back on June 12, for a 29-day TAT.

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