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Friday, August 7, 2020

TTM Success - Jason Bergmann

 I used my 2020 Harvey book to my advantage by getting a type of card I really wanted in my album, signed.  I had been trying to get a 2006 Upper Deck Ovation signed but have missed out, then I saw this one of Jason Bergmann in my rookies box, so I tried again.

The card turned out great, I think, and will look really cool with the other cards in my album.

I also got a 2006 Flair Showcase and a 2006 Topps Rookie 52 signed.  Those Flair Showcase are really nice.  I've been able to get a few of the Rookie 52s done.  I remember busting a box of those back when they came out.  This was way before Heritage Minors.  I kind of wish Topps would bring back Bowman Heritage to the mainstream.

Bergmann (b. 1981) played in the majors from 2005 to 2010 for the Nationals.  He had a career record of 12-24 with 299 strike outs and a 5.04 ERA.

I mailed to Bergmann on May 7 and got the cards back on May 30, for a 23-day TAT.

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