Sunday, May 27, 2018

TTM Success - Karl Best

I added another card to my 1987 Topps set with this success from Karl Best.  In addition to the 87 Topps, I also got this 1987 Fleer done.  He used an old Sharpie on it, and it would have looked better in blue, but I can't really complain.
I also added a 1986 Topps and the 1987 Topps checklist, so I could get one of those out of the way.

Best (b. 1969) played in the majors from 1983 to 1986 and 1989 for the Mariners and Twins.  He had a 5-6 record with 73 strike outs and a 4.04 ERA.

I mailed to Best on January 22 and got the cards back on March 26, for a 63-day TAT.

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