Sunday, April 26, 2015

Care Package From Garrett

I got a care package in the mail a few weeks ago from a new person I net on Instagram, a guy named Garrett.  He asked me for an Orioles rally towel, and I obliged him, since he asked nicely.  In return, he surprised me with this 2013 USA Baseball Kevin Gausman relic and a bunch of Orioles cards.

I wasn't expecting anything in return, and getting this package from Garrett was really nice.  I appreciated it, and I hope to do some trades with him in the future.

Gausman has looked a little sluggish so far this season, but I think he, much like the Orioles, will break out of it, and go on to have a strong season.  We will see, for sure.

Thanks Garrett!  I hope you all can check him out on Instagram, his screen name if card_collector02.

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