Saturday, April 11, 2015

Care Package From Freesecollector614

I got a really nice care package in the mail last week from a guy on Instagram that I have never traded with, but he has interacted on my posts for a long time.  He put a nice note in the package that said that he appreciated everything that I have done in the card community and wanted this Chris Tillman card to fit into my collection.

Boy, does it ever?  It is a 2014 Topps Mini black parallel numbered 5/5.  I didn't have any of these, yet and with it being a /5 parallel, I imagine it would have been really touch to find, had I been searching for it.

I really appreciated him thinking of me, and also the nice note.  I don't do what I do for any kind of attention, but it is kind of nice to be recognized from time to time.

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