Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My First TTM Return To Sender, But That's Ok

I got my first RTS on Saturday when I got back from the card show. It was the box that I sent Duke Snider. I figured it would come back, but it was worth a shot. Apparently he has been hit or miss on TTMs, mainly because he hasn't been in the best of health and his family has been refusing packages and such. It didn't matter, though, when I got to the show on Sunday. I saw this autographed Duke Snider ball, authenticated by JSA, for $50.00.

That makes 17 Hall of Famer autographed baseballs. I'm always looking for more. I got another one from the show, and I will show it off in my next post about the show.

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Drew said...

Awesome pickup, and yeah, everyone gets RTS', I've gotten a good 8 or 9 so far at least, not fun, but it's always worth the try.