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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Present From An Awesome Friend Part 2 - More Virgil Trucks

Drew sent me two awesome Virgil Trucks cards that I needed for my player collection. I'm pretty close to having all of his cards from his playing days.
I like the 1958 Topps cards, even though they are eerily similar to the 1954 version... Hmm, Topps recycling a design? Say it ain't so! Well, if you're going to recycle a design, 1954 Topps was a great one.

Here is his 1956 Topps. I like these also, it's too bad that Trucks was left out of 1955 Topps because that would be a great card to have (I'd already have it in my completed set, but you get my point).

They give you a heck of a lot of information in the cartoons on the back of both of the cards. Six no hitters to his credit? Ohhh man, Trucks sure was awesome back then. He's awesome today too. I'm getting excited about the upcoming interview with him. I've got questions typed up and ready to roll, but am still looking for more. If any of you have any that you've thought of, send em on!
Also, I know I said it earlier, but I can't say it enough: Drew is a great guy. If you haven't checked his blog, please do. Follow it. He makes amazing custom cards and has a keen insight on cards and collecting. leave him some comments!! Thanks again buddy, you didn't have to get me all this awesome stuff!

1 comment:

Drew said...

I'm glad you liked them!!! Trucks is amazing!!