Sunday, January 16, 2011

Card Show Pickup - Eddie Mathews Autographed Baseball

I picked up my 18th Hall of Famer autographed baseball at the card show. Braves great, Eddie Mathews. I've been wanted to get one of his baseballs for a long time now, and the vendor made me a sweet deal. It looks great, which is always good, haha. I'm wanting to get Warren Spahn really soon too, so he may be one of my next purchases. We'll see, though.
Eddie Mathews seems to be a kind of forgotten player. He hit 500+ home runs in his career, but may have been overshadowed by his teammate, Hank Aaron. Not bad company.


Anonymous said...

Great pickup. He will never be forgotten in my collection.

Drew said...

Sweet pickup bro, he was a great player from what the stats say!

Holly said...

I'm glad to see he was not forgotten in your collection.