Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hidden in my Collection - 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Roberto Clemente

I got this card back in 2007 when I could actually spend some money on packs of cards. Yeah, I know, that seems to be a recurring theme around here... I USED to be able to afford nice things. I remember being stoked when I pulled this card. I love the old flannel jersey. This is the only relic card I have of Clemente and I have no desire to ever part with it.
I just watched the movie 'Chasing 3,000' the other day, which was primarily set around Clemente's 3,000th hit and 2 brothers' quest to make it to that game. It got pretty sappy at the end, but it was a pretty good movie nonetheless.
I'm a Clemente fan, for sure. He was a true ambassador for the game and is still missed, almost 40 years after he died. I'll post more about Clemente himself when I get to his RC in my 1955 set.


Drew said...

Wow, thats an awesome card! I have one of him from Legendary Cuts, but that is awesome! Congrats on the sweet pull!

Fuji said...

Amazing card... I want one of these! Congratulations on adding this to your collection.