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Thursday, October 6, 2022

More 50-50 Returns From Logan

The rest of the cards my friend, Logan, got signed for me this season came back today.  He was waiting to finish out Wichita's season since they reached the Texas League finals.  Logan was hoping to get the above 2021 Bowman Invicta signed by Austin Martin.  I wanted to get the card done myself when we visited Wichita earlier this year, but missed Martin.  He looked right at me after the second game we saw, but didn't come over.  Logan was able to finally get him the last game he was at, which was great.  I can now put this card in my album.
Logan also took some Tulsa guys and got Gus Varland for me.  I had gotten Gus's brother, Louie, while we were visiting the Wind Surge, and I was able to get these two 2020 Bowmans out of my box, thanks to Logan.
Logan also got me a 2021 Heritage Minors Brandon Lewis signed, as well as these two Landon Knack cards.
Finally, Logan got this Wind Surge team set card of Alex Isola signed for me, as well as this 2019 Midwest League All Star card of Chris Betts that I have been carrying around for a while.

Thanks again for getting all of these done for me, Logan!  I know we will be doing another league swap next season!

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