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Friday, October 7, 2022

50-50 Returns From Cam

More 50/50 returns came in over the last few days (along with some more TTMs), so I have some nice cards to show off.  A package came in from Cam, who got a few Pennsylvania teams for me.  The above 2020 Bowman Chrome of Bryson Stott turned out nicely, and is a huge addition to my autograph album.
Cam hooked me up with several former Greensboro Grasshoppers who have moved on, so these were able to come out of my boxes.  I love the Nick Gonzalez from 2020 Bowmans Best, as well as the Heritage Minors cards he helped me with.
I'm pretty sure I'm officially out of Tim Cate cards.  I had split them between Cam and my friend, Patrick, and I believe all have come back signed.
The Hoy Park cards went out to my friend, Gerard, earlier in the season with the hope that he would get them done, but a change in his plans cause them to not get signed.  Thankfully, he sent them back fast and I was able to get them on to Cam.  I had forgotten that Cam was going to pick me up a Myrtle Beach set, so he got Kevin Made for me and also a couple guys I got on my own.  So, now, I have two Myrtle Beach team sets I can pull from.
Finally, here is another 2021 Heritage Minors that Cam was able to get done for me, Ji-Hwan Bae.  I really enjoyed this set, and have gotten a ton of them signed.  I'm not pursuing the entire set as of yet, but it would be a fun one to try.

Thank you so much for the 50/50 returns, Cam.  I hope we can do this again next season.

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