Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Brooks Robinson Signs More Cards TTM

He was done signing TTM and I was content with what I had already gotten back from the greatest third baseman of all time.  Then I pulled this silver pack mojo card from 2022 Topps and took a look to see if he really was done signing cards TTM.  He still was, so I prepped this card and sent it on its way.  I also looked in my box for the two other cards that I had aside that I really wanted to get done, and put them in the envelope as well.
I promised myself that I truly would be done after these three cards were signed.  I had this 1968 Topps deckle edge card aside to get Brooks to sign for some time now, and for whatever reason, it never got sent in past TTM requests, or taken with me to a signing.  Maybe I had misplaced it, or had something just ahead of it in my mind on what I wanted to get signed.  Regardless, this one getting into my autograph album was long overdue.
Finally, I tossed this 1991 Crown Orioles card in just to try to get it signed.  Again, I'm not going for thr set, but the cards are really convenient when I know there is a former Oriole signing.  Or at least one who was with the team prior to 1991.

Anyway, I promised myself that I truly was done asking anything of Brooks.  I even included a thank you card for all of the things he has done over the years.  He is a great man and a genuine human being.  I am glad I have gotten what I have from him.  I sent off the three cards with $20 and am really happy with these results.  I hope Brooks liked my thank you card and knows how much he means to all Oriole fans.  Thank you, Brooks!

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