Thursday, September 15, 2022

Set Complete - 2022 Topps

With some time taken off to celebrate my birthday, I have been trying to catch up on a few things.  One of which was sorting my 2022 Topps Series 2 cards.  I finally got that done last night, and have put the completed set away.  I have an extra hand collated set that I'd be willing to sell for $60.00 + shipping.  In case anyone was wondering.  I also have a few other hand collated sets, as well as a few factory sealed sets.  The factory sealed ones would be a little higher than the hand collated ones.  If anyone is interested, please shoot me an email and we can work it out.

I'm glad I can finally put this set away and clear off that space on my desk.  I can also look through the Series 2 stuff and see if any of those guys sign TTM and maybe get a few out while I'm off.

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